Obsessive? Yes.

Ukulele’s are an obsessive part of my everyday life, somehow its sweet little sound creeps into my ears and before i know it i have been playing for hours and then find out i need to hand in a massive essay tomorrow morning.

Damn that ukulele!… Hmmm… Oh I’m sorry my little friend… You know I didn’t mean it…!

  • About Me:
    Name: Joe Beedles
    Born: 1993
    Situated: Shropshire
    Hobbies: Music, Music, Music, oh… and the Ukulele! 😀

I want to thank Al Wood for helping me start up this blog and teaching me the basics of the uke. Thanks Al!

This site is a little side project which I enjoy updating when I get chance, all the tabs and chords where transcribed by me, and you are free to use them for your own use.

Also, I’m open to requests for songs to work out*

Just give me a shout, if you want something tabbed out!

Thanks for visiting, (Oh, and if you can, tell your ukulele chums about this site!) 😉

*Please note the song has to be good it can’t be just any old crap… 😉

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