Glasgow Kiss

July 12, 2009

Woah, it’s been a long time since I last updated my blog (6 months infact!)
And I apologise for the few of you that have wanted me to get some more new stuff up…
Well I can now tell you that I should hopefully start posting more frequently!

To mark my return I have covered ‘Glasgow Kiss’ by John Petrucci, the guitarist for prog metal band Dream Theater.

And the tab:

Glasgow Kiss Ukulele Tab


Yes, finally it is here, what you have been waiting for…

I give you Dragonforce! Ukulele Version!

Dragonforce – Through The Fire And Flames Tab – PDF

Do A Barrel Roll

December 2, 2008


Do A Barrel Roll Tab

^^ Me playing Barrel Roll 🙂 ^^

Yes okay, here you go, another random tune for you guys to fiddle about with! 🙂


I’ll admit I’m not really into hip-hop/rap (apart from The BEST BAND EVER), but I have taken a shine to this particular song for a while now. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


The chords used for the song, just loop throughout, as follows:

G#, Fm, G, Cm

Stevie Wonder/Coolio – Pastime/Gangster Paradise

Here’s the tab for the awesome opening track of Coldplay’s brilliant latest album Viva La Vida.

Life In Technicolour

The chords are:

  • Bm, G, D, D,
  • Bm, G, D, D,
  • Bm, G, D, D,
  • A, A, D, D

Life in Technicolour is a great starter song for beginners, the tune kicks in at around 40 seconds in:

Coldplay – Clocks

October 21, 2008

The tab is of the main tune that is played throughout the song, taken from the album “A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Coldplay -Clocks

Viva La Vida is also worth checking out, Life in Technicolour tab is to follow tomorrow 🙂

This little riff played in Mr. Brightside, featured on The Killers’ album Hot Fuss, which dominated the summer of 2004, ringing out from teenagers’ phones throughout Britain. The lack of bass from the tinny mobile phones didn’t matter, it was the catchy as hell riff that mattered…

Mr. Brightside